5 Tips for a Successful First Day of School


 Tips for Successful First Day of School


It’s that time of year again! Kids are gearing up to go to school after a long summer, and parents are getting them ready for a successful school year. Organization and preparedness are key essentials for kid’s success in school. 

Shop for School Supplies Ahead of Time  

Teachers usually send out a school supply list for what your child will need for the school year. Shopping for school supplies ahead of time ensures your child will be prepared with all their materials needed on the first day of school. 

Get Ready the Day Before

Packing lunches, picking out clothes, and having your child’s book bag organized the day before school can save time and help your morning be less stressful. 

Go to Bed Earlier 

We know getting your child to go to bed early for school can be a tough task! It is very important for kids to get a restful night sleep before their first day of school. National Sleep Foundation researchers say, “Children who seem excessively sleepy during the day are more likely to experience problems with learning, attention, hyperactivity, and conduct than kids who aren't sleepy.” During the summer your child is probably used to going to sleep later, so practice going to bed earlier before the first day of school.  

Eat Breakfast 

The first day of classes can seem very long. Kids who have empty stomachs can easily be distracted from learning in class. Preparing your child a well-balanced breakfast will prevent them from being hungry, which makes learning easier. 

Have a Positive Attitude 

Anxiety is a normal feeling on the first day of school. Your child might be starting a new grade or entering a new school. Encouraging your child and letting them know their nervousness is normal, will help them have a more positive outlook on the new school year! 

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