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During the holiday season consumers are searching for the perfect Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Many holiday shoppers flee to the crowded malls to buy their gifts, but some consumers would rather shop online. Shopping online provides many advantages because it is so convenient. You do not have to leave the comforts of your own home to pick out the perfect gifts. 

When shopping online, be careful of falling into cyber scams. With our holiday online shopping safety tips, you will be able to shop for Christmas gifts with ease. We will guide you step-by-step on how to shop securely.

Shop on familiar Websites

Figuring out what website you are going to buy your gifts from is the first step. Stick with a company that you trust. If you have purchased merchandise from the company’s website before and you know you will be shopping safely, feel free to shop till you drop. If you run across a website that you find interesting but you don’t know if it is safe to shop on, do some research. You can research the company by looking on Better Business Bureau or to see if they are a reputable company.

Secure Websites

Once you have found a trustworthy company to buy from, go to their website. Type in the URL in the search engine, this is the safest way to navigate to the direct website. Once you are on the site make sure you look at the top left corner for a green lock icon with the word secure right beside it. When the website has that green lock icon, this indicates that you are shopping on a secure website.

Check Out Safety

After you have found your gifts, you will proceed to your cart for check out. When you enter your information while checking out, make sure you are not giving too much personal information. Your name, address, phone number and card information are normal info needed to complete your order. If the website is asking for your social security number or any other personal information, be suspicious and don’t complete the order.

We’ve all heard the saying that when you shop online, using a credit card to purchase your items is safer than using your debit card and this statement is true. When you use a credit card it will offer more protection against fraudulent charges. It can be a headache if your debit card is compromised. Sometimes you may be locked out of your account until the issue is resolved and it can cause many problems, like paying your bills on time.

Follow up on Purchases

After you have made your purchases, make sure you have printed out or written down the order number and the details of the order. Check your email for a verification of the purchase. While you wait for your package to arrive on your doorstep, check your bank account as often as you can to make sure there are no unexpected fraudulent charges on your account.

During the holiday’s consumers are more vulnerable to scams and identity theft. Whether you are shopping online or in stores you should always be cautious. These safety tips will help guide you through a safe holiday cyber shopping experience. We hope everyone enjoys this joyful and magical holiday, Merry Christmas from the Pickens Savings and Loan team.

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